GCS Technologies helps your business stay safe, secure, and get more done.


GCS Technologies designs, installs and supports technology solutions that make your business run. We keep IT systems secure and employees more productive for companies of all sizes and types.

Our dedication to results has made us one of the leading IT service providers in Central Texas with 94% customer satisfaction rate. Just what makes them love us so much?


Our long track record started when brothers Joe and Daryl Gleinser founded GCS Technologies in 2000 to fill a need for businesses looking to tap the potential of technology. Computers and automation were changing the landscape, and smaller companies found their options - and risks - exploding.

Since then, we’ve worked with more than 750 businesses on projects from managed services to full data center deployments. Our experience across thousands of projects and innumerable support tickets make for few surprises when we approach new challenges.

Along the way we’ve partnered with key players such as Dell, VMware, and Microsoft to ensure we stay on top of the technology you want to use.

Diverse Staff

There’s great strength in numbers, and the size of our team gives us depth and breadth not seen in most other firms. We have experts on hand for every aspect of IT - not someone who just Googled the issue that morning - and enough players to execute quickly.

By having a deep bench of knowledge, we have subject matter expertise in storage, cyber security, disaster recovery, and more.


For the most part, IT is a fixed cost for a business. We’ve built our model to give you a little flexibility in dealing with that cost by giving you what you need when you need it. No long-term contracts, no set per-user fees, no “tough but you’re stuck with us.”

We are committed to earning your business every single day of the week. Our support, customer service, technical skillset - they have to be top-notch at all times if we want to be your long-term partner.

Have It Your Way

Some aspects of business and IT are universal. But everything from your market segment to your long-term goals can impact IT priorities.

So while we can give you some standard packages, we’d rather give you just what you need.

For a small business, that might mean letting us be your virtual IT department. Your people and resources can be dedicated to serving your customers. We take on the rest, helping your IT operations stay reliable and secure.

For businesses that have a technology team in place, it might mean bringing us on board to help with a specific problem. Our team of solution architects provide specialized expertise, escalation support, or can just help internal IT teams handle overflow service tickets.

Bring It On

If your IT is in such a disarray you aren’t even sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We excel in straightening out messy. The bigger and thornier the issue, the better.

We stand out with the difficult problems because we believe in solving them. Not pretending they’re fixed, not slapping a band-aid on, not forcing you to live with an awkward workaround.

We’re the experts in diagnosing, understanding and resolving the holes in your security and blips in your network. Big disaster or nagging bug, we can make it better.

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