Education technology for public and private K-12 schools across Texas.

Long gone are the days when students used dedicated computers in the computer lab to conduct Internet research, type papers, and manage their one e-mail account. From elementary school to college, chalkboards and visits to the library have been replaced by a growing reliance on multimedia content, pervasive wireless access, and Internet-based research. Complicating these advances is the behavior of a student population that is predictably unpredictable.

Common Challenges

  • Offering secure and content filtered wireless to hundreds or thousands of students across many different types of devices
  • Replacement of traditional Windows or Apple desktops with Chromebooks
  • Budget constraints that require innovative solutions and long-term plans
  • Centralizing resources across multi-campus environments for cost savings and ease of management

While these challenges are often frustrating, we have the necessary experience to help your organization. Our team of experts have worked with school districts, local education agencies, and private school systems across the state of Texas. We understand the unique reporting requirements that some technology purchases require and are well-versed in Texas DIR procurement.

Our specific experience includes:

  • Provided risk management consulting for the deployment of district-owned iPads and mobile devices
  • Protected district-wide networks with advanced security tools
  • Enabled students, teachers, and staff to safely access the wireless network across multi-building campuses
  • Designed highly available technology infrastructures to automatically recover from failure without affecting staff
  • Supported teachers and staff with remote technical support services

Today’s modern classroom demands IT solutions that allow schools and colleges to deliver technology economically and securely. We can help. GCS Technologies has the expertise to deliver the systems needed in today’s educational environments.

­Contact us today to speak with a technology expert and discuss the objectives for your Texas school district.