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The financial services industry has been turned upside down with technology advances such as high-frequency trading. However, for most small and mid-market firms, technology has been an evolution instead of a revolution. Interacting with clients and regulators drives most spending today.  Silicon Valley has set its sights on this industry with a barrage of innovative, low-cost financial tools designed for independent management. 

Common Challenges 

  • Meet increasing federal and state regulatory requirements 
  • Secure all client data against loss 
  • Improve internal communication and collaboration tools 
  • Maintain extreme reliability in an industry where seconds count 

These demands can place a great strain on your IT resources and staff. The regulatory environment is placing a greater load on your business and technology with each passing year. Real security requirements must adapt as well to properly secure the client data you possess.  

Our Experience in the Financial Services Industry 

  • Brought IT systems and processes into compliance with evolving regulatory environments 
  • Outsourced support of the systems and staff of financial organizations where downtime is incredibly expensive 
  • Designed advanced technology infrastructures to meet high-reliability requirements 

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