Business technology and advanced security for growing law firms.

Technology in the legal industry is rapidly changing. Attorneys’ workloads demand remote access solutions with a quality and performance designed for professionals. Litigation firms’ key staff can spend weeks or months away from the office but need full access to internal systems.  Video depositions are just one example of the rapidly increasing storage requirements, and commensurately, the security requirements of legal data. 

Common Challenges 

  • Phone and messaging systems are critical to revenue, but must be easy to use and reliable. 
  • Document and case management systems leave a lot to be desired. 
  • Decision making and spend authorization requires many levels and therefore, much time.  
  • The cost of lost productivity in a legal environment is easy to calculate and repeated, at volume, during each outage.  

GCS Experience in the Legal Industry 

  • Budgeted, planned, and executed large-scale technology infrastructure upgrades  
  • Seamlessly upgraded phone systems with little impact to productivity 
  • Provided full IT support for attorneys and staff in challenging environments such as during litigation 
  • Limited losses associated with network outages by designing highly available technology infrastructures  

Meeting a firm’s IT demands often requires the careful balance of capability with usability. Whether the installation of a case management system or assistance in improving the after-hours response of your IT department, GCS can help focus on practicing law without worrying about technology maintenance. 

GCS has worked with many of the top law firms in Texas in a wide variety of specialties. We are a member of the Austin Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Teaming with GCS brings industry expertise, best practices, and the extra manpower needed for your IT environment.  

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