Flexibility and performance for Texas non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations across Texas use advanced technologies comparable to many for-profit businesses. Fundraising programs, sophisticated websites with content management, and membership systems improve operational productivity dramatically.  

Unfortunately, every dollar spent managing and maintaining IT systems is one dollar less for the cause, forcing difficult decisions within the organization. 

Common Challenges 

  • Communicate with donors, the press, and most importantly, those we’re trying to help using the website, email, and social media 
  • Securely handle member information and their contributions via credit cards or bank transfers  
  • Enable volunteers to easily access systems and data they need 
  • Comply with IT requirements imposed by federal and state regulations 
  • Predict costs accurately to meet budgeting targets 

Our experience working with non-profit organizations:

  • Leveraged charity programs to reduce the cost of licensing and systems  
  • Predicted annual costs accurately with our budgeting and planning services 
  • Deployed and supported leading non-profit software packages 
  • Reduced IT supports with cloud technologies and IT outsourcing 

GCS Technologies has helped Texas non-profits with many challenges for over 15 years. From small non-profits operating on predominantly cloud systems to large non-profits with enterprise-class IT needs, we have the expertise you need. 

Our team is here to help with the design and maintenance of your network. GCS consultants will improve the reliability of your systems while cutting management costs.    

Contact us today to speak with a technology expert and discuss your organization's objectives.