Increase sales and deliver a better customer experience.

The retail industry presents unique IT challenges from other industries. IT spending in retail typically trails other industries, but the last few years have seen a dramatic uptick. Already fierce competition continues to increase. Customers shift to mobile devices for internet usage is forcing redesigns of online ordering, e-commerce, and other systems.  

Common Challenges 

  • Operating across several or many locations with centralized administrative services 
  • A high risk of credit card theft that can jeopardize PCI compliance 
  • Tracking sales, inventories, and costs across multiple locations is difficult with  many POS vendors leaving much to be desired 
  • Supporting customers over the phone which continues to be an essential component of many retail businesses 
  • Providing high-quality wireless internet without comprising security or corporate network performance 

That’s a lot for any retailer to deliver. Especially when you consider that most businesses have tight budgets and small staffs. And the challenges of meeting a retailer’s IT demands are likely going to get harder in the future. There is constant pressure to roll out new services and applications. There are higher customer expectations on availability. And cyber thieves keep evolving their methods using ever-more sophisticated attacks every day.  

Our Experience in the Retail industry 

  • Cut weeks out of new office set up schedules with standardization and outsourcing 
  • Reduced missed calls and hold times with centralized phone systems 
  • Brought IT systems into PCI compliance  
  • Deployed POS and similar applications 
  • Offered high-quality wireless to their customers 

Teaming with GCS brings retail industry expertise, best practices, and the extra manpower needed for your IT environment.

We provide strategic consulting that combines the business and technology skills to improve the performance of the internal team. 

Our team offers professional services to help with turnkey solutions that require certified experts with industry knowledge. And we offer managed IT services to ensure success.  

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