Frequently Asked Questions About GCS Support

How do I place a support request?

  1. You can call into our Help Desk ( 512-249-6080 )
  2. You can email us at
  3. You can submit an online request from the website – click here (no login required)
  4. You can submit an online request from the Client Portal – click here to login

How fast does GCS respond to requests?

Our goal is:

  • Emergencies get an immediate response
  • 90% of all requests will have a technician response within 30 minutes.
  • 100% of all requests will have a response within 1 hour
  • If you are experiencing an emergency, let us know and we will prioritize your request for an immediate response.

GCS has consistently performed within 1-2% variance of these numbers for more than 5 years.

What if I have an emergency that needs immediate attention?

GCS Network Operation Center triages all requests and assigns three difference levels of emergencies:

  1. Severity 1 – Outages affecting an entire organization, headquarters, or primary applications
  2. Severity 2 – Remote Location outages and outages not affecting all employees
  3. Severity 3 – VIPs, recurring problems, and escalations requests

Let us know how you would like to handle it!

During what hours are support available?

GCS staffs technicians between 7:00 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

After-hours coverage is offered seven days per week until 11 PM. These hours apply to all GCS clients.

24/7 support is available but requires an additional agreement and fee.

How can I escalate a request?

If you feel the problem has not been handled appropriately, please let us know immediately!

The Network Operations Center (512-249-6080 or can quickly route your comments to the appropriate manager or executive. If you’d prefer to skip that step, please contact:

Lukasz Stec, Operations Manager

For what type of problems should I call GCS?

GCS provides a single point of contact for all technical issues, regardless of who is ultimately at fault or able to help. This includes all IT problems as well as challenges with other vendors such as printer/copiers, internet providers, cell phones, etc. Call us first and we’ll make sure it’s the last call you have to make.

Who knows my company's account best at GCS?

GCS utilizes a team-based approach to IT support. Your company is assigned to a team of 5 to 6 technicians that collaboratively support and maintain the systems and people. Your support team is assigned to a limited number of GCS clients to build a familiarity and relationship over time with our clients. You never need to know who your team is. The GCS NOC routes your request to the right team.

For non-technical or project requests, GCS assigns an Account Manager to every account for quotes, customer service, and more. Once again the NOC can route your request to the appropriate person easily and quickly.

How can I check the status of a request?

At any time and for any reason, you can contact the NOC (512-249-6080  or The NOC is not billable so questions are answered without a charge. You can also login to the Client Portal for access to tickets (open and closed), invoices, block hour histories, and access to your network documentation (no passwords or other secure information).

How do I get a session key?

A session key is created by a GCS technician to start a remote support session.

Please contact the Network Operations Center team (512-249-6080 or to request support.

They will create a ticket and assign you to a technician. If necessary, that technician will create the session key for you.

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