Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud is a combination of Microsoft cloud security services and a dedicated team of security experts who are always keeping watch. We monitor for security incidents, reduce your attack surface, and keep the bad guys out.

For the first time in history, small to midsized companies have access to the same security toolkit as the Fortune 50 – and at an affordable price point. Leveraging the deep security services of the Microsoft cloud, our client’s IT security is on par with much larger enterprise organizations.

No more third-party antivirus or other security applications to manage. Our tools are deeply integrated and create high fidelity signals that uncover potential compromises well before most traditional stand-alone tools ever would.

Let us show you how.

What We Do

Identity Protection

Your identity is the key to the castle and bad actors want it. With Secure Cloud we monitor every sign-in, look for suspicious activity, and take action when necessary.

Endpoint Protection

Today everyone holds multiple devices, and most of them are no longer behind the safety of your four walls. We leverage best-in-class endpoint protection with the ability to manage and secure any device, no matter where it lives or travels.

Data Loss Prevention

Your data is one of your important assets. Keeping it out of the wrong people’s hands is our #1 goal. We monitor data movement and access; constantly looking for potential exfiltration or insider threats.


Vulnerability Management

Playing offense is an important part of the game, so while the defense rests we stay busy proactively hardening your security posture by reducing your attack surface, one vulnerability at a time.

How We Do It



Continuous real-time monitoring and alerting for potential security incidents, all centralized through our expert security services and team.



Secure user identities, protect endpoints, and prevent data loss using best-in-class tools, processes, and people.



Proactively address issues with monthly security posture reviews and guidance from your dedicated security expert



Reduce your attack surface both in the cloud and on-premises, all through a single management portal.

Why We Do It

Making security affordable
Proven effectiveness and scalability
Help satisfy compliance objectives
Reduce cybersecurity insurance premiums
Painless monthly billing and elasticity
No long term contracts

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