Many of Austin’s largest managed service providers have been acquired.… Client satisfaction and continuity are rarely a consideration in these liquidation events.

Over the past several years, GCS competitors have been acquired at a brisk pace. The race to roll up IT managed service providers has left few independent operators left in Austin as private equity firms seek to raise their profits by increasing prices and lowering costs.  

Tech churn, changing executive leadership, national market centralization, and differing accounting and billing centers are merely considered side effects of expansion to the acquiring organization.

Meanwhile, the clients of these MSPs have much to lose as security gaps, delays in support response, and larger projects miss deadlines. Noticing these things early and switching to a more stable managed service provider can save thousands of dollars and months of headaches for the clients of an acquired managed service provider.  

In this ebook, we discuss the steps to take if your managed service provider has been acquired and walk you through the process of selecting and transitioning to a new managed service provider.







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